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-our professonal web design services

Austin Web Media will design a web site that's appropriate for your business.

We're noticing a trend in small business web sites that are leaner, to the point, more functional yet beautifully designed without all the bloated bells and whistles of the past. It's as if many businesses are really settling in and discovering a real nuts and bolts approach to using the Internet.

We offer the following:

Basic web sites- These web sites may use as few as two or three web pages or as many as you feel is needed. You can generate more attention and/or customers through being found on the web when people go searching. A custom-built web site will allow you to expand on your marketing message by mentioning your web site in other forms of advertising such as print ads so people can easily learn much more about your business.

Austin Web Media also does web site redesigns and web site updates- You may be wondering if it's worth it to redesign and modify your existing web site or if it makes better sense to just scrap the entire site and start again. If that's the situation you're in, we can help you make an informed decision.

Flash web sites, animations and applications- Would you like to make your site more visually appealing? Flash can be used for creating the eye-catching parts of your web pages or for creation of your entire site. A lesser-known capability of Flash is building entire applications or animations to go on CD roms or to be used as projector files for presentations.

Miscellaneous services- We offer photography, graphic design, logo design, email newsletters and banner ads.

Content management web sites- These web sites utilize a database which allow you to update or change content as frequently as desired. You can easily change the content of your web pages (or even add new pages) without special software or knowledge.

E-commerce web sites- These web sites are designed for extensive online selling with a database. E-commerce web sites allow you to take and process orders, update inventory, actually sell products, take credit cards and more, all in a secure environment.

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