Mother Maryam Foundation web siteThe Mother Maryam Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 foundation dedicated to improving the health and welfare of communities in economically disadvantaged areas in all parts of the world. We started this project by designing the logo.

We Connnect to China web site We Connect to China is a consulting and language-training company primarily concerned with introducing businesses, non-profits and individuals to Chinese culture and language. They offer consulting to businesses preparing to do business in China, and also lead guided tours of China. Austin Web Media created the web site, logo, and graphics.

Acura Roofing Web Site Acura Roofing, Inc is a local, long-established roofing business. Austin Web Media designed the site from the ground up starting with the logo.

Austin Pet Portraits Web Site Austin Pet Portraits is a pet photography business. Austin Web Media started the project with the design of the logo. We will soon turn the gallery of great pet pictures in to a Flash gallery. Austin Web Media designed the logo and the web site.

Nile Valley Herbs web site Nile Valley Herbs is a small Austin-based business. The web site is full of images and includes sections on nonprofit work and Sudanese Nile River village culture. Austin Web Media photographed some of the products and did a lot of Photoshop (image editing) work on this web site. Also, because of our Search Engine Specialist, this site usually ranks in the top 10 web sites when people search for "hibiscus tea" using Google®. The site gets terrific feedback.

Cross Culture Communcations web siteCross Culture Communications is an international cultural consulting business. Their web site was designed to be "friendly and colorful" yet for a corporate audience. Austin Web Media created their logo as well.

Examples of Austin Web Media Flash animation and design.

Wilfire Productions flash web siteWildfire Productions- is a production company based in Austin. Wildfire did the design for the web site themselves. There are no Flash animations on the site. Instead Flash was used to present samples of their fine video production, pulling the video samples in off the server on an as-needed basis to keep the Flash file size down to a minimum.

Cross Culture Communications flash web siteCross Culture Communications- This is the Flash companion site for the static web site mentioned above.

Medical Institute for Sexual Health Flash Animation jobMedical Institute of Sexual Health- This project was part of a CD rom on sexual health. It is shown here as a web page.


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